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C Elliott is based out of Tucson, Arizona,

where they are the house photographer for several venues including the Rialto Theatre, Fox Tucson Theatre, 191 Toole, and the Rhythm and Roots Concert Series. They're the former Photo Section / Column Editor of and continue to be a contributor to No Depression Magazine's online photo column. Their photos are also featured in TourWorthy's online publication. They're a stringer photographer for the Tucson Weekly, KXCI Community Radio, and various radio stations and promoters.

They work freelance for venues and artists in and around the Southwest, Northwest, Midwest and shoot stills for local and national musicians. Their photos have appeared in the tabletop print editions of No Depression’s Spring and Fall 2016 print issues. C. Elliott has also worked directly for the Artist’s Den and with artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Howe Gelb, Calexico, and Alice Cooper.

They only shoot live music / concerts. They love the excitement of entering a venue, knowing that they’ll be photographing a concert and enjoying the energy of the fellow attendees. There’s nothing like being in a venue and looking at the expressions on the faces of people who are all transfixed by the talent onstage. They shoot about 250 shows each year, averaging 2-3 bands per show, as well as several all-day / weekend festivals in and around LA, Tucson and Phoenix. From large venues to very small ones, bright lights or barely lit stages, they hope that their photos capture the enjoyment that the artists have in doing what they love to do.


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